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The more who register, the more useful the site.

Registration is easy. 


   Community menu item
Start by clicking on "Community," up above in the top menu
Log in lock icon
... or click on the small lock in the upper right screen.




There are only a few bits of information that are required (the ones with asterisks.)


•    Name: You can enter your full name, or your first name/last initial
•    Username: Can be whatever you like (nothing crude, please)
•    Password: The website will tell you how strong your password is
•    Email: One you check regularly
•    Gender: Only two choices!


There are three registration pages.  Most of the fields in this registration process are optional.  You only need to complete the above five items on the first page and then click an antispam box on the third page before submitting your registration.







If you select a “home town,” then all meetings in that town will show up on your “Manage My Meetings” page where you can help keep them up-to-date.  Though not required, you are encouraged to pick a home town.

The question about “Trusted Servant” relates to members who are serving in a District 12 position, such as DCM, District secretary, District Treasurer ...







On the final registration page, click the notifications you want to receive. 
Useful way to stay plugged in to what's going on!!!

You can change these settings later.


Click the square next to "I'm not a robot" (antispam measure)


Then, click the Submit button.





Registration complete




When you see this, registration is complete and you can log back in to start using all the features of the site.

24-Hour Help Line

(888) 816-8800
For the counties of:
Bandera, Gillespie, Kerr, Kendall, Kimble

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